Author: Baffin Island Basecamp

Iqaluit Fire Department

Abby, Elizabeth, base-camp manager John Huston and webmaster Jim Paulson went for a walk around Iqaluit today. They met Iqaluit firefighters John and Barry who talked to them about rescue, evacuation and medical treatment options on Baffin Island. If any of the expedition team members needed to be evacuated, the Iqaluit Fire Department would be […]

In Memory of Chester

The Global Warming 101 Expedition Team knows all too well about the bond they develop with their canine friends, whether they are pulling a sled across the Arctic or chasing a ball in the backyard. Just hours before heading to the Arctic, our Expedition producer/cameraman Jerry Stenger received word that his dog, Chester, was terminally […]

Matty McNair

Last night the expedition team visited Matty McNair and her twenty-year-old daughter, Sarah. Matty is the most experienced female polar guide in the world. After working 22 years for Outward Bound, Matty guided the first all-women expedition to the North Pole in 1997, led two ski-all-the-way expeditions to the South Pole in 2002 and 2003, […]

A Walk Around Iqaluit

Abby stands on the sea ice as night falls. The lights of Iqaluit glimmer in the background. Every day the expedition team members take a break from their work on the computer and from their work on expedition prep and go for a walk around Iqaluit.Every time they go exploring they gain a little more […]

The Tent on Ice

Abby and Elizabeth went down to the sea ice today to set up their tent, check its guylines, and add extra cord to the tie-out points. As they walked towards the ice edge, they were surprised to find newly-formed sea ice along the shore, extending out forty feet to the jumbled, old sea ice where […]

Life Skills Class

Patches arrived yesterday from two more sponsors. We knew that without help we wouldn’t have time to sew the new patches onto all our coats, jackets, and one-piece suits. Luckily we found Malaya, a Life Skills teacher at Iqaluit’s Inuksuk High School. She let us join her class for one day to recruit help from […]

Mushing in the Street

The winds whipped snow and sand around the town as John Stetson and Nancy Moundalexis emerged from their cargo plane on the runway of the Iqaluit Airport. Bright blue skies had given way to heavy clouds, giving them a true Arctic welcome. Traveling with them on the plane were 20 sled dogs and over 700 […]