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Climate Lessons Update – February 2020

Letter to Climate Change Educators We are excited to introduce our new Climate Change Education Manager, Lindsey Kirkland! Most recently, Lindsey lived and worked in Australia where she collaborated with scientists, agricultural consultants, and farmers on several international research projects. For the past nine years, she has taught environmental education in informal and formal settings. […]

Climate Lessons Update – January 2020

Letter to Climate Change Educators Happy New Year! We are starting this year with imagination: envisioning the future world we want to live in and the steps required of us to make that world a reality. In the midst of such turmoil around the world, we know there is no time to waste. Youth are […]

Climate Lessons Update – December 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators The 25th annual international UN climate negotiations, also known as COP25, has started this week and will continue through December 13! Over 25,000 people from 200 countries are gathering in Madrid, Spain to participate as world leaders work to increase their commitments for climate action under the Paris Agreement. Article […]

Climate Lessons Update – November 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators We hope you are settling into a routine with your students, school, and colleagues. If you need an extra push to bring climate change into your classroom this fall, check out our tips below! Make the information place-based and relevant to your local community. Check and see if your city […]

Climate Lessons Update – October 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators With a complex issue like climate change, it can feel difficult to know how to approach teaching it. We want you to know that there is no right or wrong way to begin! Climate change intersects with all aspects of our lives, so it can fit into any subject area […]

Climate Lessons Update – September 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators It’s back to school time! And a new school year means new relationships and establishing a rapport for learning in the classroom. We want to empower students to see their ideas and viewpoints as valuable. As teachers, providing lessons that foster learning about students’ diverse experiences can do just that. […]

Climate Lessons Update – June 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators We hope you had a great school year and are looking forward to your summer break! As summer kicks off, we are here to remind you once more of the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education, August 5-7 in Washington, D.C. If you are looking for CEU’s and new ways […]

Climate Lessons Update – May 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators Happy May! We know things may be winding down in your classrooms with all eyes on summer — but it’s the perfect time to take your students outside for learning! We have activities from our curricula that are great to bring outside. Have you checked out the Greenhouse Effect Game […]

Climate Lessons Update – April 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators We have ANOTHER new curriculum resource for you! Happy Spring! The snow is almost melted here in Minneapolis and we are excited about warmer temperatures. We are also excited to release our second Humanities Module — Water Scarcity and Perseverance: A Humanities Module — co-produced with Lowell School! This standards-based, […]

Climate Lessons Update – March 2019

Letter to Climate Change Educators CHECK OUT OUR NEW CURRICULUM! We are thrilled to release a new climate change curriculum, co-produced with Lowell School! Innovation and Renewable Energy: A Humanities Module is a standards-based, interdisciplinary humanities module that uses the true story of William Kamkwamba — from The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by Bryan […]