Author: Sarah McNair-Landry

Last days on the ice cap

Day 23 of the expedition Distance traveled: 41.7 km / 25.9 miPosition: N 67’11.333′ W048,35.093′ Elevation: 1398 m / 4,557 ft Lately we’ve been travelling at night when the temperatures are cool and travel conditions fast. At 11 p.m. the winds still hadn’t picked up, so we strapped on our cross-county skies and headed down […]


Expedition day: 15Distance traveled: 126 km / 78 miPosition: N 66,29.482′ W 046,18.260′Elevation: 2097 meters / 6,879 ft The winds started to gradually increase as we ate breakfast. Eager to move as soon as the winds had reached a high enough speed for us to travel, we were out of the tent unrolling our kites. […]

On the move

Day 7 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 8.2 km / 5 miPosition: N 65,55.710′ W038,55.605′ Elevation:1,401 m / 4,596 ft After spending 4 nights basecamped on the east coast of the Greenland ice cap, we packed up and headed west, leaving behind us a beautiful view of the mountains. Our route is similar to the Norwegian […]

Back home

After 62 days of expedition life, I am finally back home in Iqaluit, Nunavut. It was nice to take a shower and sleep in a bed, but after a couple nights Eric and I were both ready to get back outside. So yesterday we paddled across a river, and hiked to our cabin for the […]

Eureka weather station

Expedition day: 57Position: N 79° 59′ W 086° 01′Distance: 13.7km / 8.5 mi We said goodbye to Axel Heiberg leaving it behind us, heading towards Ellesmere Island. We crossed Eureka sound and headed towards the Eureka weather station, where we had to swing by to pick up more dog food. We are camped just at […]

Northern communites

Expedition day: 52Position: N 80° 06′ W 088° 14′Distance traveled: 27.4 km / 17 mi Huddled in my tent, Sam and I have just finished a supper of spaghetti. Beside us, the other team members are also in their tents, and the dogs are tied in a square around us. It often feels like we […]

Heading South

Expedition Day: 46Position: N 80° 57′ W 091° 28′Distance traveled: 22.4 km / 14 mi During the night the clouds rolled in and obscured the sun. We set off traveling due east towards Nansen sound. As the clouds broke, the sun lit up the hills of Axel Heiberg and we descended onto the frozen ocean. […]

In Search of the Cairn

Day 40 Position: N 80° 54′ W 095° 24′ Distance traveled: 27.2 km / 16.9 mi Exactly 110 years and three days ago on May 5th, part of Otto Sverdrup’s team traveled up this coast mapping and surveilling. They reached the location where we are now camped and were forced to turn around because they […]

Stormy Weather

Day 35Position: N 79° 35′ W 096° 37′Distance traveled: 19.2 km / 11.9 mi The south winds tend to bring warm, overcast weather. The last couple of days the clouds have been obscuring our view of the beautiful coast of Axel Heiberg, and we’ve been wishing for a change in winds to blow away the […]

Rest Day

Position: N 78° 50′ W 096° 03′ Hey all, Sarah here. A day away from the half way point. We took a rest day today (Day 30) as we thought the dogs needed a rest. We’ve been battling our way through this rough ice for weeks now and it takes it out of all of […]