Youth Demand a FAB Treaty in Copenhagen

Today wraps up the end of the first week of negotiations in Copenhagen. It’s been a great time here, and a lot of good work has been accomplished. The youth have been an impressive positive force throughout the week and we have received a lot of recognition for our efforts, professionalism, energy and creativity. I […]

We want YOU for strong US climate legislation

The negotiations were intense, the stakes were high, and the resulting Copenhagen Accord left people worldwide wondering when countries would agree to a binding treaty. After attending the Copenhagen Climate Conference, I’ve been thinking a lot about the outcome and what the future holds for the US as climate legislation will soon be voted on […]

Adapting to a Changing World

The Copenhagen climate conference taught me we will have to adapt to the effects of climate change. If this had not been clear in my mind beforehand, the stories I heard from global young people awoke me to reality. I heard about droughts in Kenya and floods in Bangladesh. Youth from my local area shared […]

Life After Copenhagen

Upon arriving back in the United States, I was flooded with relief to be back on familiar territory. My trip to Copenhagen was undoubtedly a long one, but successful at that. Feelings were fixed upon the closing of the climate conference. An international treaty was not established but officials had enough sense to lay the […]

What now?

It has been a month since Copenhagen, and since I have had some time to reflect and think of ways in which we need to move forward in order to get ready for COP16 in Mexico and to help mitigate and adapt to the problem of Climate Change. After all, if there is one thing […]

Local Stories Make Global Impacts

In Grand Rapids the organization Local First that has helped spur a movement in the city to think and buy local. The popular phrase, Think Globally, Act Locally has been an inspiration to citizens, students, and children alike and it has especially had a meaningful impact on me. This simple phrase is what has driven […]

Wild for Wade Davis

Davis has two TED talks up on the web site. The second is about belief and ritual. You can find it here. In his speeches, Wade expounds on what unites us. “We all share the same adaptive imperatives—we’re all born, we all bring our children into the world, we go through initiation rites, we have to […]

SD Messages Arrive Safely to President Obama

  To all those who wrote messages for the Copenhagen book, congratulations! A successful delivery of these Midwest messages, along with the messages of Kenyan youth and a joint cover letter, went to President Obama. To see the final book that these messages were placed in, and to hear comments from some of the youth […]

Thoughts on the COP 15 Summit in Copenhagen

  Contents: What was this conference, and why did it get so much attention? What actually happened at COP 15? What comes next? I. What was this conference, and why did it get so much attention? It was the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change […]