Climate Justice Fast

This past Thursday, one day before the end of the 2009 Conference of Parties (COP 15), I fasted to help call attention to the great injustice of global climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions, which come disproportionately from people in industrialized countries, are imposing serious climate impacts on the rest of the world–droughts and desertification in […]

Helping Guatemala in Copenhagen

With hopes fading that countries will reach an international climate treaty in Copenhagen, it comes as some consolation that progress has been made to preserve the world’s forests. On Wednesday, six of the world’s richest countries including the U.S., Australia and Japan announced they would pledge $3.5 billion to halt deforestation in developing countries. Announcements […]

Inspiration from Peers, Not Leaders

As Obama addressed the plenary hall inside the Bella Center, many watched from outside since NGO’s had limited to no access to the center today. His speech echoed through the concrete hall while all stared in silence. Furrowed brows headlined the uncertain glances around the hall at friends and strangers. Is this the same President […]

United Nations Climate Conference

The mood is edgy in the Forum in Copenhagen. This large arena/conference space has been set up for NGO-accredited people attending the United Nations Climate Conference. Large screens broadcast the proceedings from the Bella Center (where the actual conference is being held) to rows and rows of seats occupied only occasionally by a person. Laptops […]

In Case of Emergency-You CANNOT Dial 911!!

In Copenhagen Denmark you must dial 112! The purpose of an emergency plan is to prepare, prevent and protect in case of circumstances or situations considered an emergency. A plan promotes awareness and preparation to a possible hazardous situation. You can only prepare so much, but can never really prepare for unforeseen circumstances. The lack […]

Is Your Mayor in Copenhagen?

Protests rocked Copenhagen this week, but I’ll leave them to the mainstream media and instead focus on acting locally. Many municipal mayors are showing up in Copenhagen. At first I thought they were just jumping on the bandwagon, but I soon discovered they’re taking part in a parallel summit organized by local and regional governments […]