Frustrations over voices unrepresented in formal COP26 talks

By Lauren Boritzke Smith November 9, 2021 GLASGOW, SCOTLAND COP 26 – Being on the ground in Glasgow, Scotland, for COP26 is a strange and humbling experience. A quick search for news coverage on COP26 online brings up headlines that feature what Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is saying about the conference. I applaud her work tenfold, but […]

Indigenous COP26 delegates worry their communities will shoulder burden of carbon markets

By Paul Huttner November 11, 2021 LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE ONLINE HERE Indigenous people from around the world are sharing their knowledge and advocating for their communities at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. That includes University of North Dakota assistant professor Kyle Hill. Hill focuses on Indigenous health and is part of this year’s Climate Generation delegation. […]

Minnesotans return from climate summit energized despite its shortcomings

By Dan Kraker November 15, 2021 Listen to the full article online here More than 60 students, academics, nonprofit leaders, politicians and other Minnesotans have returned from the UN’s climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, disappointed that more concrete steps weren’t taken to get greenhouse gas emissions under control, but also energized to push Minnesota more […]

Minnesotans join push for change at U.N. climate summit

By Jennifer Bjorhus November 3, 2021 60 Minnesotans travel to Scotland to show state’s environmental efforts. As Minnesota entrepreneur Jamez Staples sees it, the high-level climate change conversations filling the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, are crucial. But he’s in Glasgow to help ensure the ideas involve people on the ground, lower-income folks […]

Worried about climate change? Here’s what experts say you should lobby your politicians about

September 24, 2021 Collective action is required to achieve the scale of change that’s needed. This week saw Minnesota mark climate week, and it comes in the wake of a series of studies showing that Earth is facing catastrophic consequences if drastic, immediate action isn’t taken to address greenhouse gas emissions. While we can make changes on an […]


Aug. 19 2021 AFTER ANTARCTICA with Will Steger Polar Explorer and environmentalist (author, activist, teacher, Internet education pioneer) Will Steger has been eyewitness to some of the greatest climate changes to our planet. He talks about how his expeditions have led him to where he is today – a defender of our planet. He shares […]

How Urgent Push for Climate Education Can Help Mental Health, Engagement

By Marianna McMurdock August 3, 2021 This July, air quality worsened from Oregon to Maine as wildfire smoke traveled across northern states. New Yorkers woke up to an orange sun, and Utah’s worst drought turned deadly as a sand storm blocked visibility on a major highway. And while reports of extreme weather and restrictions on teaching dominate the news, young people […]