Climate Lessons Update – October 2015

Letter to Climate Change Educators

leavesHow can your students get involved in projects addressing climate change? Citizen Science! From Citizen Science Central and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this site on Citizen Science and Climate Change offers a list of projects to get involved with and videos to introduce citizen science to your students. “Citizen science helps us learn about climate change in several ways. It allows us to ask questions on a global scale, by mobilizing a network of observers. Each observer can also begin to see local indications of climate change affecting their surroundings.”

The National Wildlife Federation offers a list of citizen science projects for students to participate in. Everything from observing birds to monitoring monarchs. “Citizen scientists can support professional researchers in a lot of ways — by submitting data, sharing experiences, or spreading valuable information.

SciStarter has a search feature that makes it easy to find the Citizen Science topic that is right for you. There is a great list of Climate and Weather projects.

Choose a project that fits with the topics you teach and get started. And check out our curricula suite for more resources. Minnesota’s Changing Climate is a great resource that fits perfectly with citizen science.

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz
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Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Climate Generation Happenings

Minnesota Stories in A Changing Climate

MNStoriesScreenShotJoin all Minnesotans at 7:00PM on October 11 for the television premier of our co-production with Twin Cities Public Television, Minnesota Stories in A Changing Climate. This documentary shares six stories from Minnesotans experiencing climate change and provides context from climate experts. The full production and story segments will be posted to our website the following week! A discussion guide accompanies the 60 minute program and is an ideal group event for schools, churches, clubs, etc. Contact if you are interested in hosting a viewing.

COP21 Education Ambassador Blogs

Cop21SquareAs our COP21 Window Into Paris program approaches, we will be featuring an educator in our delegation each week to share their thoughts on the program and how they plan to incorporate their experience at the UN climate change negotiations into their classrooms. Read about each educator on our blog.

Midwest Youth Climate Convergence

MidwestYouthClimateConvergenceThis fall, Climate Generation is co-hosting the Midwest Youth Climate Convergence, October 30 – November 1. This three-day working retreat aims to support youth-driven campaigns and initiatives, strengthen regional organizing capacity, and deepen cross-issue strategy.

Education Minnesota Conference

EdMN_logoWe will be at the Education Minnesota Conference again this year. Stop by our booth to see our free curriculum and to learn about the 2016 Summer Institute!

Midwest Environmental Education Conference

MEECJoin us at the Midwest Environmental Education Conference in Madison on October 21-24, 2015. This year’s conference, hosted by the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education, is slated to be filled with amazing speakers, incredible field trips, and great hands-on sessions to help fuel your environmental education endeavors.

New Middle School Curriculum

nextgenclimatelogoHas your state, district, or school adopted NGSS? Are you looking for new resources about how to teach about climate change? We will be releasing our new curriculum, Next Generation Climate very soon and are excited for you to use it. Next Generation Climate and our other curricula are available to download for free on our website.


Green Ribbon Schools Awards

green schools logoIs your school, district or college making strides at being green? Do you want to have an incentive for improving? The Green Ribbon Schools Awards from the U.S. Department of Education honor schools that: reduce environmental impact, improve health and nutrition, and provide effective environmental education. The U.S. Department of Energy Green Ribbon website includes many resources including summaries of applications by past awardees.

Polar Educators International Master Class

penguin peiPolar Education International (PEI), a vibrant network promoting polar education and research to a global community, is pleased to announce the fourth in the Master Class Series targeting both educators and researchers. What will happen to penguins and other Antarctic animals: Evidence of climate change in Antarctica from a marine perspective, features leading researcher, Dr. Jose Xavier, and polar educator, Patricia Azinhaga. This master class will take place on Monday, October 26 at 4:00pm CST.

The Department of Energy Climate Change Webinar Series

minorities in energySign up for webinars and see archived presentations from the recent Department of Energy Climate Change series. Experts will outline federal energy policy objectives and actions related to climate change and resilience for underserved communities.

The Solutions Project

Solutions projectIs it possible for the U.S. to convert to one hundred percent renewable energy in just 35 years? One researcher thinks so. Mark Jacobson of Stanford University has created a roadmap that shows how each of the fifty states could meet all of their energy needs using a combination of wind, water, and solar power. Find out what your state’s transition to 100% clean, renewable energy looks like.

New, FREE DIY Lake Science App for Educators

diy-lake-science-imagePlunge into the fun science of lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds with a new, free DIY app that lets you investigate freshwater ecosystems anywhere you live. DIY Lake Science explores Earth’s freshwater, and its importance to all life on our planet, in 12 hands-on STEM activities. DIY Lake Science is a free app (for iPhones and iPads) that allows families and educators to investigate lakes and other freshwater ecosystems at home, at school, or anywhere you go! Conduct twelve hands-on activities—indoors and outdoors—using everyday items, view fascinating videos, and explore how lakes change in the Under the Lake simulation. Each activity includes material lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations.

What we’re reading

What can you do about climate change? It starts with education. Click here to see the many resources we offer to help you become climate literate, test your climate knowledge, and read about climate science.

Stories from the Field

yes logoWe are partnering with YES! Youth Energy Summit this year to provide climate literacy content. Read more about YES! and what our partnership means in our latest Education Blog.

Moment of Inspiration

Morgan Freeman narrates this hopeful, must-watch short film about the need to solve the climate change problem. “We have every reason in the world to act. We can’t wait until tomorrow.”



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