Day Eight – COP18

Before leaving the Qatar National Convention Center I was able to interview a couple more students involved with the Arab Youth Climate Movement as well as attend a policy meeting. Again, I was greatly impressed by the passion and organization they have thrown into COP18 – I look forward to keeping up with their movement in the week to come! I know they are contributing to a climate march happening in Doha tomorrow as well as planning to lobby negotiators throughout next week.

I was able to make my rounds of “farewell” to all of the inspiring youth activists I had the honor to call my colleagues over the past week and a half. In particular it was quite hard to say goodbye to our joint delegation of students from the School for Environmental Studies and the American School of Doha, who will be staying in Doha for the second week of the conference. However I am consoled through the thought that these students, as well as the hundreds of other youth from around the world, will be continuing to contribute their creativity, voices, and passion for the duration of COP18.

With that sense of hope I am able to bid “farewell” to Doha, but will continue to look forward to what the international community of youth climate activists will accomplish after COP18 and into the next year!


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