Day Five – COP18

In between the various side events I was able to attend another YOUNGO Finance Working Group session in which we agreed to produce a template on how to allocate the finances of the Green Climate Fund. We identified five key areas of potential allocation within the context of the youth:


  1. Allocating money for technological support and capacity building.
  2. Taking a person centered approach to knowledge and technology transfer from developed to developing countries.
  3. Making sure there is explicit language around youth impacts and involvement in the negotiated text.
  4. Ensuring the role of youth as beneficiaries and practitioners of the Green Climate Fund.
  5. Focusing on the role climate finance can play in developing a green economy, especially in most vulnerable countries.

After our five focal points were established we agreed we would meet the next day to synthesize them into one outcome document in which we can lobby negotiators with.

I also attended the opening plenary of the working group on the Durban Platform (a negotiating document). There members of the EU spoke, stressing the importance of setting a 2° C rise in global temperatures as the very limit before the world encounters major climatic change. The negotiator of Nauru, on behalf of AOSIS (the Alliance of Small Island States) also delivered an opening remark in which he commented that, “Time is not on our side,” and stated unless swift international action is taken by 2017, we will not reach this 2° goal.

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