Day Three – COP18

After the school day ended (the Qatari work week goes from Sunday through Thursday) we headed over to the Qatar National Convention Center to receive our credentials and avoid the waiting lines on the first day of the conference! The convention center is a massive, modern building situated a little ways outside of Doha amongst a sea of construction sites. The setting of this conference has definitely caused some … how should I put it… “internal conflict” in the hearts and souls of many who realize the peculiarity of having a climate change conference in the country with the highest GHG emissions per capita. Furthermore, Qatar’s number one export is natural gas followed by crude oil. The man at the heart of this industry is the former Qatari oil minister, former OPEC president, and current Prime Minister Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, who also happens to be none other than the president of this climate change conference. Nonetheless, Qatar has committed to several progressive sustainable initiatives – including the aim to become the number one bicycling city in the Middle East.

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