Is it hot enough for you? Climate News Round-up

Is it hot enough for you?

Greenland Melt Event
Extent of surface melt over Greenland’s ice sheet on July 8 (left) and July 12.[Via Climate Central]

Summer 2012 has proved a landmark time in climate history, with record heat, rainfall, wildfires, floods and droughts throughout the country and across the globe. Recent reports came in that global CO2 emissions increased 3% in 2011, but we continue to fight on.

You may have seen the Start Tribune article that referenced this report by Climate Central showing that Minnesota is warming faster than the rest of the country (3rd of all states) when looking over the last 100 years and since 1970.  Then for those of us in Minneapolis, the Union of Concerned Scientists just released this report on the health impacts of extreme heat in Minneapolis.  This news reminds us of the urgency of the work we are doing on climate change and the bold action that is needed.

Perhaps even more alarming, an unusually widespread melt occurred in Greenland this week where 97% of the Greenland ice sheet, including normally frigid high-elevation areas, experienced some degree of melting. We couldn’t believe this news, and in particular this video that shows a huge river of water on top of this massive ice cap take away a bridge. When I shared the story with our founder Will Steger, his response was short and to the point “This is serious.” Such a widespread melt event has not occurred there since at least 1889, and may be yet another sign of the consequences of manmade climate change. Read more about this at Climate Central.

We have recently found these articles to be thought provoking. They offer some new (and clever) ways of looking at this issue:

Bill McKibben: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math: Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is – Read More

ABC News: It’s Simple Global Warming is Causing the Extreme Weather – Read More

On July 11, 2012 the river in Kangerlussuaq damaged a bridge and swept a digger tractor. The operator escaped unharmed. The author of the video is Konrad Smiarowski.


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