More Rough Ice

roughiceDay 25
: N 78° 32′, W 095° 09′
Distance Traveled: 11.3 km / 7 mi

Today was by far one of our toughest days. Standing up on a huge chunk of ice, we could see ahead of us a maze of rough ice. It was challenging due to the heavy sleds. We tried to weave a path around the big chunks of ice and snow drifts, but sometimes we had no choice but to go straight through. In the rough sections it would sometimes take five people to help the dogs push and pull our heavy sleds through.

It was a beautiful day in the Arctic, and today was also one of our warmest days. While working hard, often we would only be wearing a couple layers of fleece.

Out here having the right clothing is important to keep warm. We wear a variety of layers, starting with a base layer, followed by a couple layers of fleece and a wind proof Bergen’s outer jacket. When it’s really cold we have a big Wild Things jacket to throw on top.

Have a good night!


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