Ohio Youth Ramp Up Fracking Resistance

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As many student organizations wind down for winter break, student organizers in Ohio continue to ramp things up. Check out these blogs and media hits from the OH Student Environmental Coalitionwho has launched a well-coordinated, sustained and aggressive campaign on the fracking industry across the state.

In late November OSEC members led an incredible ‘mic check’ (a communication tool borrowed from the Occupy movement) action at Ohio State University where the gas industry convened a panel discussion and job-focused networking event intending to promote shale development and horizontal hydro-fracking across the state. 50 students came into the room, mic checked the panel and walked out. The video of the action went viral.

During the Utica Shale Conference in Youngstown, OH, several days later, 200 community members and students marched outside and held counter-event, staging an escalating action at a deep well site that has been scientifically linked to earthquakes in the area. Seven people risked arrest. January is a bench mark for having 20 communities across the state to put forth coordinated anti-fracking proposals.

This week, after the House and Senate passed bills to fast-track the Keystone XL Pipeline, OSEC staged a tar sands action in collaboration with 350 and Occupy Cleveland with a mock oil-spill and human ‘die-in’ at John Bayner’s office, stressing the links to jobs and the economy and gaining media attention.

Mic Check! Ohio Students Interrupt Gas Industry

Media hits:

Mic-Check at OSU:

Youngstown Industry Expo:

Keystone Human Oil Spill at Boehners office:


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