Strike for the future with us

On September 20th, young people are demanding action on the climate crisis, and as adult allies, we’re striking with them. Will you join us?

Minnesota Youth Climate Strike

Interested in meeting up with our team at the Minnesota Strike? 

WHERE: Meet at Western Sculpture Park (387 Marion St, St. Paul, MN, 55103) and march to the Minnesota State Capitol for the strike
WHO: Everyone! Youth & adult climate activists, elected officials, influencers, and environmental changemakers
WHEN: 11:30 AM to 2 PM on Friday, September 20th, 2019

Meet Climate Generation staff at the northwest corner of the Western Sculpture Park at 11:30 am. We will have banners and a sun on a stick! There will be a lot of people there, so make sure to take public transit and come early. We will then march to the State Capitol with Minnesotans fighting for change!

Interested in getting involved during the Strike in Minnesota?


Can’t make the strike but want to support?

We’ve got some tools for you:

Join the buzz on social media

Go to your social media channel of choice and contribute to the call for action! Download the strike image and use the suggested text to invite your network to strike for climate action.

On September 20, young people are leading a #ClimateStrike to demand transformative action to address the climate crisis and they’re asking adults to join them. #StrikeWithUs Find a strike near you:

Donate to the cause

Support the youth in Minnesota who are fundraising for transportation, event costs, and outreach.

Check out our Global Climate Strike Educator Toolkit

This moment is an amazing opportunity to bring discussions of climate change into the classroom. Use or share with an educator you know our Climate Strike Educator Toolkit to get started on these discussions. We will be updating it throughout the month.

Read up on how to be an adult ally for youth-led movements

U.S. Climate Strikes has created a helpful guide on how adults can show up and support youth who are leading the climate movement.

Spread the word

Talk to people you know about why you support youth leaders and want to see climate action. Share messages on social media, encourage others to join you, and spark conversation and action on climate change in your workplace and community.

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