Another World is Possible

This afternoon, there was a plenary where countries were all given a chance to weigh in on draft language for the agreements they’re working to make at COP25. The COP President Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile, opened the meeting with a call to find a way to come to an agreement before leaving […]

Keeps the Doors Open

Being at the Madrid Conference of Parties (COP25), which I can colloquially call the UN Climate Conference, has been such a surprising experience. It has been at once uplifting and demoralizing, energizing and deflating, heartening and alarming. It has been a huge wake up call for me personally and how I think about my climate […]

The People United Will Never Be Defeated

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido! The people united will never be defeated! At the conclusion of COP25, there is a large sense of disappointment with the progress of negotiations by global leaders, yet a resounding sense of solidarity and determination to continue forward progress by civil society in global solidarity. The undeniable message resonating […]

Your Window into COP25: December 16

This is your last Window into COP25 digest. Stay connected to Climate Generation and subscribe to our newsletters at COP25 finally came to close early Sunday morning — making it the longest COP in the history of the process — and the negotiations fell dramatically short of global expectations for strong leadership on climate […]

Security and Climate Justice

The role of democracy and security in climate justice has not been spoken of as much in many side events or panels, but is strongly felt at COP even by civil society on a daily basis. Having this event moved from Santiago to Madrid was unprecedented, restricting access from negotiations for participants from Latin America […]

The “Time for Action” is Now

The theme for COP25 is “Time for Action.” You see the words scrawled everywhere around the convention—from the logo to the hashtags on the walls behind speakers. Inside the Blue Zone, where the negotiations and official side events take place, you every now and then hear protest chants of, “What do we want? ACTION! When […]

People United Will Never Be Divided

Today there was a CAN- (Climate Action Network) and SustainUS-led demonstration before a high-level negotiation segment. A demonstration which I somehow managed to find myself in the middle of. The protest began with demonstrators banging drums, cowbells, and blowing whistles. The demonstrators gathered, then transitioned to standing in circles. Demonstrators held banners and signs that […]