Teaching Climate: Resources for Educators Nationwide

Educators have an opportunity to ignite students’ wonder and curiosity about the natural world, to bring facts to life, and to guide their critical thinking skills.

Their role as educators is essential to prepare the next generation of leaders who are going to inherit this changing world.

The MN Science Teachers Association (MNSTA) understands that it is critical to teach our youth about climate change; they released a position statement in May of 2018 on global climate change science. The position statement references the following suggestions for teaching climate change, which we at Climate Generation agree are the best practices:

  1. Make it relevant and local
  2. Build historical links
  3. Build awareness on how we all contribute to climate change
  4. Develop an interdisciplinary lens
  5. Make it hopeful and integrate solutions

To kick off the annual Minnesota Conference on Science Education, which was held Nov. 8-10 in St. Cloud, MNSTA held a screening of the film Chasing Coral. This film follows a photographer on a journey to capture the bleaching coral events around the world — due to the warming of our oceans — to inspire people to take action on climate change. The film has a discussion guide component that can be used in the classroom or in public showings.

Prior to showing the film, a board member of MNSTA read the global climate change science position statement and encouraged the educators in the room to incorporate climate change into their teaching. Climate Generation presented a session on our free Green STEM resources and exhibited at the conference, engaging with pre-service teachers, elementary teachers, science teachers of all strands, postsecondary educators, and informal science educators from across the state.

Beyond sharing these resources at conferences across the country, we want to highlight them for educators engaging with us digitally! At Climate Generation, we have many resources, materials, and opportunities to support you in teaching climate change:

  • You can access our free curricula here. There are many different lessons, activities, and units for any subject area.
  • Our new free documentary, Green Careers for a Changing Climate, is being applied in lots of classrooms for upper-elementary through post-secondary education.
  • We are sending a delegation of people to the UN’s international climate negotiations (COP24) in Katowice, Poland, Dec. 2-14. Sign up here to receive updates from the digest and incorporate it into your classroom.
  • Provide feedback on the first draft of Minnesota Science Standards, which for the first time include human-induced climate change. Fill out the survey here.
  • Save the date for our annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education in Washington D.C. co-hosted by Lowell School, August 5-7, 2019. The focus will be on incorporating climate change into the humanities subject areas. Registration is open here and scholarships are available.
  • We can visit your classroom, virtually present through Zoom, and customize a workshop to meet your needs. Fill out the form here.
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