Climate Generation thrives based on the efforts of our talented staff, who are passionate about developing solutions to climate change. Team members share: why do you do this work?

Lauren Boritzke Smith

Communications and Marketing Manager (she/her)

Sharing the stories of how climate change affects us all leads to understanding, action, and change!

Trevor Cobb

Communications Coordinator (he/him)

Climate justice work is important because it impacts every living being on our planet. I care about fighting climate change because I care about maintaining life’s beautiful diversity.

Marie Fargo

Climate Change Instructional Resources Coordinator (she/her)

I believe education can change the world, and so I’m thrilled to empower educators with resources to help them create an equitable, sustainable future with their students.

Denise Fosse

Director of Development (she/her)

I need to do what I can to make sure our children—all children—have Earth to call home.

Sarah Goodspeed

Senior Youth and Policy Manager (she/her)

I believe our climate solutions must be led by those who are most affected and by future generations to reimagine how we live sustainably on this planet.

Jothsna Harris

Director of Special Projects and Partnerships (she/her)

Information alone is not enough to sway people to change behavior, we need to strip away the layers that divide us and find our shared values.

Lindsey Kirkland

Senior Climate Change Education Manager (she/her)

Building a knowledgeable, supportive and connected community around educators is the best way I know how to contribute to future generations.

Daniela Kunkel-Linares

YEA! Network Coordinator (she/her)

I believe in a radically loving and caring climate movement which is led by young people and our Indigenous relatives. I do this work to stand in solidarity with those who are brave enough to imagine a better future.

Rebecca Noble

Senior Development Coordinator (she/her)

 I am proud to support climate education that is fact based, hopeful and empowering to all communities.

Kristen Poppleton

Senior Director of Programs (she/her)

We must bring together young people, educators, the public, and decision makers to learn about and prepare to tackle the issue of our generation.

Jason Rodney

Senior Youth Coordinator (he/him)

I do this work to remember my place in the web of life, to join with all beings yearning for justice.

Nicole Rom

Executive Director (she/her)

I believe climate change is the most urgent issue today and I cannot think of any other issue I would rather work on since it affects everything and everyone.

Seth Spencer

Teach Climate Network Coordinator (he/him)

Helping strengthen connections between educators and their communities allows me to have a direct affect on reducing the negative impacts of climate change.

Robin Thorstenson

Senior Finance Manager (she/her)

Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to action. Action leads to change.

Laura Borgendale

Website Assistant (Contractor) (She/Her)

I want to meet people where they’re at to help address the urgency of the climate crisis.

David Riviera

Systems Administrator (Contractor) (He/Him)

The climate crisis needs more attention every day.